Brand New Track by HONEY B

Good Energy

Honey B is a reggae artist based in the U.S. with an uplifting perspective and Caribbean style. Music was always present in her childhood as her grandfather was a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and composer. Both of her parents loved music and ensured that various genres were playing in the family home and car. She began composing simple songs and poetry before entering grade school and had several pieces published in local anthologies as a youth. Formative years spent frequenting the Bay Area music scene in California solidified her appreciation for reggae, world beat, blues and hiphop.

Honey B spent over a decade in the West Indies when her mom taught primary school there. Country life and island culture made a deep, lasting impression on her ideals and musicality. In Jamaica, giant home-made sound systems boomed from every hilltop and corner shop. The wit and wisdom of local proverbs, patois and slang captured her interest and reverence. She became aware of the devastating effect that colonial standards had on the preservation of the melodic and historical language. She realized the vital importance of people like Miss Lou (Louise Bennet) and Oliver (Samuels) who sought to sustain and protect its brilliance and humor.

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